InnerQI – Healing through Tango Movement

Spirit Butterfly BUDDHA quote Born again June 2015

Classes at Kaya Healthclub for our new Movement Therapy – Tango InnerQI Butterfly – have been running for a little while now. We’re so pleased with how they’re developing and we know that it’s just the beginning.

Tango Butterfly is grateful to the students who have made that important step into the classes. They are the product of our life long search for something that reconnects your body without the social fears and expectations that can come with attending a social dance class. Our research shows that this class has so many other applications and benefits beyond just a Tango class.

There is so much more coming in this space for Tango Butterfly. We hope that you stay tuned! Further info on our movement meditation classes can be found under the InnerQI tab of this website, or by emailing us.

Yours in transition, siempre!


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