Movement combined with connection is magic for your immune system

While learning Tango can be a fun thing to do, some people even dream for months about Tango way before ever daring to jump into a class! It can also be ridiculously good for your brain, your nervous system and your innate healing super-power – your immune system!

There are many reasons for this. If you’ve dared to try a class, you might be able to stab at

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why. Yet teaching Tango for over a decade has been very illuminating in this regard.

Research shows Tango is not only able to significantly lift your mood, due to it being a dance, but to also significantly improve your cognitive functioning. My own experience has shown that students can literally glow by the end of class, and that this buzz can last for days afterwards. Some have told me that the improvements to their lives far exceeds the actually dance class. Improved sleep, increased confidence interacting with others, better body connection & proprioception, improved tactile sensitivity, emotional & physical stamina and spacial awareness – including, general overall body confidence!


When people dance tango together, it has been shown that their brain waves merge in sync (research via New York University). How cool is that?  This makes for an amazing therapeutic approach in remedying feelings of disconnect and loneliness, especially wonderful for couples looking for a new way to connect & grow together.

In an age where we’ve come to realise that the development of a baby’s body, mind AND spirit suffers significantly in the absence of meaningful touch and interaction, why do we forget that adults need this too? That’s right. You need this too.

So, how much of your health or workout routine do you dedicate to connecting with others through movement? You have cells in your body that crave this, and respond to it naturally, as it’s a language your body intuitively understands. Without it, your body actually suffers a form of deprivation.

canstockphoto5502488Tango can assist with symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep and other mood disorders (research via University of New England, NSW). It’s also been shown to be effective at managing tremors for Parkinson’s effected patients (research via La Trobe University in Melbourne).

Tango might also be a good way of starving off premature aging, due to it offering instantaneous movement with an external impulse (your partner), which you can’t control and have difficulty predicting (all the control freaks put your hands up!!!). This provides an impetus for neurogenesis, and activates centres of the brain that contribute to neuro-plasticity (that is, it makes you smarter – way more effective than cross words or sudoku)!

You’ve heard that sex is good for you, right? Tango is a respectful and conscious way of engaging intimately (sensually) with another person while upright and with your clothes on!  You don’t need to go through all the hassle and messiness of trying to hook up, but you most certainly can still get some meaningful fun 😉 and some tango concepts can even spice up your bedroom experience … (tantra anyone?)

Now, too worried to take a Tango lesson? Just observe that conversation happening inside you and jump into a class anyway. The only thing worse than fear itself, is being on the wrong side of it. Trust me, you’ll feel better once you take that first Tango step. There are a number of incredible Tango schools around Australia, just make sure you find one that specialises in Argentine Tango. 1901577_669014239821992_115149135_n

Otherwise, perhaps consider jumping into one of our new Evolve-Qi classes. It takes the best of Tango connectivity, and complements it with other individual movement, alignment and balance disciplines to make for one neuro-gener-ific experience.

To read more about Evolve-Qi, or the Butterfly Technique, check out our dedicated page on this site or see

Also consider our new classes in Meditation in Movement & Tantra Tango, for a little bit of variety and flavour!

Bailamos! This could be you!

GENERAL LIST OF RESEARCH relating to Tango and Dance

Research from New York University using Tango to establish how brains can operate in sync – and you can view footage of the experiment at:

Work by La Trobe University in Melbourne – Tango an effective Parkinson’s disease therapy (possibly more effective than physiotherapy) n.B the Tango facilitator is an old Tango Butterfly colleague of mine, the beautiful Rina Sawaya – and footage at:

University of New England, NSW – Tango dance offers a broader range of clinical improvement than meditation or exercise in psychological function and sleep disturbance –

Goethe University, Frankfurt – Emotional and Neurohumoral Responses to dancing Tango

How Dance Illuminates the Mind (Tango under an fMRI – without the actual couple dancing) –

Dancing prevents Dementia –

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