TANtra TAngO – increasing harmony, intimacy & connection in your relationships

Tantra Tango may sound a little bit peculiar, even a little bit of a mouthful. Yet what if these three things (Tantra, Taoism & Tango) could work together in a movement practice to enhance harmony, intimacy and connectivity within your relationship? Indeed, it may just improve every relationship you could ever want or need for a healthy and satisfying life.

So let’s start by looking at Taoism.FullSizeRender

The Tao inadequate translates into English as “the Way”. Yet it is probably closer to “the way to harmony”. Often seen through symbols, such as flowing of water, the sexual act (man conjoined with woman), the awakening of the intuitive centres of the body, or valleys and mountains, the Tao as a balanced approach to making good progress through the natural world.

While many would recognise its symbol of yin and yang, in its widest sense the Tao seeks to adhere to the balance between the fundamental ebb and flow of the universe, the male and female principles, the forms of permanence and the forms of change. In this, it is acknowledged that the elimination of one would mean the disappearance of the other.

And so it is with Tango.

Initially comparing Tango with the Tao may appear to be a big leap. I mean, what does a dance style have to do with a philosophy? You might be fascinated to discover that Tango IS a philosophy, and the two share much more than just three letters in common – TAngO 🙂

In fact, I’m going to declare that they can be exactly the same thing.jyp-tango butterfly-2363

Tango is said to be most fun you can have with another human being upright and with clothes on. Yet, just like the Tao, Tango is not only sexual in nature. At its heart Tango is respectful and honest, containing principles that enhance the individual and allow for free and open energetic exchange.

You know, it’s like giving a hug. You can hug a friend, a relative, or a lover. Hell, you can even hug a stranger. Tango, like a hug, is about connecting. It can be experienced and discovered with a best friend, a stranger, or even a parent/child – anyone you could consider having an interaction with.

If you were to take a few steps back and strip Tango of its “McDonalds” franchise like glamour marketing, you would find something surprising underneath. At its fundamental, Tango is just a way of experiencing and interacting with another person in an agreed shared space. Like your relationships in life, you can choose to interact and experience another person in layers, giving to them aspects of yourself according to your comfort level at the time.

The point is this. It does take two to Tango. And like the Tao, you need a masculine and a feminine, a yin and yang, a fire and ice, a mountain and valley. The roles assigned in Tango require a counter-balance, a complementary external consequence of your internal desire, and your expressed intention.

The ultimate secret to a good Tango lies in the pursuit and discovery of an inherent balance between two complementary mirroring energies (that is, the Tao). It is a conversation through connectioncanstockphoto18217972

When a Tango is good, energy streams and flows between the two parties in a way that is complementary, consensual and interactive. It exists is real time, the present moment with each being as they are. To contrive a future or past self, an imagined and unauthentic individual presence, is to cheapen and diminish the interaction. Many people in social tango may do this, much like people do in life. Unfortunately this only leads to chaos and conflict within the self, and the experience of the Tango.

Tango is a conversation through physical movement, where our emotional energetic bodies seek expression and are heard, all in the arms of an embrace – a hug. These are three things that are vital to our psychological wellbeing: to express ourselves, to be acknowledged, and to be held. Connection.

When Tango is good, it is really really good. As gratifying as, well, you know.

Thus brings me to the last element of this discussion.

Like many, when I first heard of the term “Tantra” I assumed it was some secretive holy grail of heightened sexual experience. Almost like a highly valuable pornographic skill that only the most masterful wizards of sex could perform. Now that I understand what Tantra actually is, it saddens me that this is still the most commonly held belief. Tantra practice is about so much more and it is open to everyone.canstockphoto31583720

And while knowledge of Tantra can amplify intimacy, it is not only useful to improve your sex life. This is only an application of the practice, approximately 5% of its true value.

Tantra is really about honouring your energy, and honouring that of your partner. Like the Tao, it is a philosophical belief system that can be practiced and utilised through the physical to increase intimacy with yourself and within a relationship. Because of this, Tantric principles can be easily applied in Tango to increase intimacy, improve tactile sensitivity, awareness of your partner and enhance communication. It offers a super incredible harmonious experience that can be brought into your relationships to enhance their existence. Simple.

Tango Butterfly is proud to present a brand new concept class – TANtra TAngO.

Converging the philosophies of Tantra, the Tao and Tango into one beautiful connecting experiential class. We are proud to present the first ever of its kind in Melbourne.

Human beings need to express themselves, to be acknowledged and to be held. Learn how to bring this into your relationship and enhance it. Bring a friend, a family member, or a loved one. What are you waiting for?pic for bio_daylesford by connie wong

Now, the amazing thing about Tango is that it is simple to find a fundamental harmonious Tango. You can learn the principles easily in an hour, even less if you trust and just go with the techniques presented. The challenge is our ideas and expectations of Tango, and of ourself and the other person, challenge the practice of it, and thus the balance of energy.

Tango can also be the gift that keeps on giving. You can find more and more to discover about Tango. It is a practice that could fill up 20, 30 or even 40 years of learning and discovering about energy and the self. Argentines are known to continue dancing right up until death, often well into their 80s, 90s and beyond. (There was a rumour circulating once that they had the lowest rate of dementia in the world … a fact? Who knows).


Well, in an experiential world, it’s best if you discover this by trying it yourself.

VR smiling young peopleClasses are starting in Brunswick East on Tuesday 15 March, 8:30-9:30PM with the Yoga Lab (see http://www.theyogalab.com.au). A class will be made available in St Kilda shortly, contact us to get in early!


*NOTE – Tantra Tango is a couples only class.
Bring a friend or loved one. All are welcome.
To read more about this class, click here.

**For those without a partner, please consider joining our Evolve-Qi classes, which uses similar Tango principles, with a slightly different focus. Click here 

***Alternatively, contact us to register interest for the next Fundamentals of Tango introduction. 

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