Tango Private Lessons in Melbourne

Fast-track your dancing with privates!  Nothing progresses your dancing quicker than learning under the tailored instruction of an expert teacher.

Should I take private lessons? or group classes?
Ultimately it is up to you whether you elect to learn via a private lesson or a group lesson.  But to help you, the below are few reasons why one may be more suitable for you.  Sometimes a combination of the two is best for you!

Many people take private lessons because:

  • Private lessons are the best way to fast-track your learning tango.  It is essentially the only way you will get the individualised attention of a professional teacher.  Most people find, however, that learning social dancing by VR smiling young peopleprivate lesson is very intensive and it is critical that this be coupled with regular ‘practica’ (or practice sessions) to allow time for the lesson to be absorbed by brain and into the body.
  • Life is busy and it is difficult to keep to a regular time slot. Privates allow for greater flexibility to choose when you take your class.
  • It has been a while since you’ve danced tango, or you have experience dancing another style of social dancing, and you are unsure as to your level for a group class or you feel that group classes move to slow for your learning pace.
  • There’s that concept that you couldn’t quite get in class and you want professional attention to help you cement it.
  • You’ve taken a class from a visiting teacher and it didn’t make sense or you feel you’ve confused the concept afterwards.
  • You want to improve the quality of your movement and fine-tune your tango to help you take your tango to the next level!

There are many benefits to learning tango in a group class:

  • A group class better assimilates the social environment and if you aspire to experience the true essence of tango, the social environment is where it is!
  • You get to meet people and get to know others of a similar level to you.
  • You get exposure to other people’s experience of learning tango and the opportunity to ask the teacher questions about situations that happen with others as they happen!
  • Group classes are scheduled conveniently after work and sometimes on weekends.
  • You get to hear answers to other people’s questions and this may answer a question for you that hasn’t even occurred to you yet.  And, sometimes other people have the guts to ask questions that you are too nervous or shy to ask!
  • You gain experience dancing with a variety of people in a controlled environment.

Both couples and singles are welcome to contact to learn Tango via private lessons via our contact form
TB WEBSITE Privates on Tuesdays & Saturdays
Singles seeking technical training (posture, embrace dynamics, mechanics of movement, execution of embellishments or social etiquette) are also invited to inquire.  Lessons are by appointment only and are held at HD Entertainment Studio in Prahran.

Costs: (55min) – $100 (in-studio, plus studio fee)

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