Coming UP, Classes & Practicas in the Northern Rivers

It has been my privilege to begin setting up new class in the Northern Rivers, to inspire greater connection and movement through this great dance, Tango.

Below you will find booking forms to join our next classes.

I am still experimenting a little with times/dates and formats, but the content is essentially the same.

Tango is perfect for people of all ages, and all levels. It is a vehicle to be present with yourself in, to connect with your body, and to interact with another person who is also doing the same, through simple ideas and movement concepts.

As we say, if you can walk, you can Tango. It is based upon walking, while in an embrace with someone else, with varying degrees of close-ness (something you learn to communicate in movement).

You need no prior knowledge, yet obviously if you are comfortable with dancing or even soccer playing, it may be easier. Crazy, but even things like surfing, pilates and martial arts experiences help.

I personally can enjoy dancing Tango with someone with very little experience. This is because I know how to hold myself, connect, to share space, and to be present with someone else through movement. This is also a part of the dance. Similarly, I (now) can also dance Tango in much more complex ways while still maintaining connection – something that is challenged by more movement. So less in Tango is often more!

The complexity is not the point, the connection is. And this connection, is a conversation between two people. Showing up as they are with what they have to be in company with someone else doing the same.

THIS is Tango.

My name is Dana, and I hope I get to meet you.

BOOKING LINKS & times/dates below … please scroll down.
To read more about the classes visit the social tango classes page or simply head directly to the Tango in Murwillumbah Eventbrite Workshop listings at –



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Next Tango Practica

BOOK for the Next Tango FUN Series …

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