About Us

Tango Butterfly is a school run by people with a passion for the dance, music and history of contemporary Argentine Tango.  Its mission is to engender a love for an all-inclusive form of social Tango, to be shared with others.

We focus on providing students with assistance to enter the social tango scene and support them with a holistic education; including, an understanding of their role in the dance (and that of others), the importance of musicality, and an awareness of etiquette in social Tango. Experiencing tango in Tango Milonga (social dance) is the ultimate goal, and we provide classes for students to learn the ‘art’ of tango, encourage attendance at Practicas (or practice sessions) to act as a ‘half-way house’ between classes and the end-game – dancing freely at a Milonga.

Currently Tango Butterfly is based in the Northern Rivers area of NSW, Australia.

Business Profile: Tango Butterfly

First began: in Melbourne, December 2011
Specialty: Contemporary social Argentine Tango: tango as danced in the salons of Buenos Aires, in Australia and around the world today.
Primary Focus: To provide dancing lessons, support services and products to those who want to learn and experience authentic social Tango.
Secondary Focus: To support the further development of Tango social dancing skills and opportunities to tango in Australia.

Principal Teacher and founder: Dana Parker, B.A hons.