The Tango Butterfly

Principal Teacher and founder: Dana Parker, B.A hons.

“Argentine Tango is a lifestyle for me, in direct contrast to all the flirts I’ve had with other dance styles. Only through it I can draw on my eclectic array of dance exposure to articulate emotions and actively pursue my passion for both improvisational dance and music in collaboration with a partner. When you are away from Tango, you are never truly away. Tango will always be there waiting for you.”
~ Dana Parker

Starting in dance performance at the age of 2 ½, Dana has a history of dance performance, choreography, and teaching that spans decades. A teacher of Tango in Australia since 2004, she has partnered some amazing Australian and International Tango professionals.


Dana is trained in both lead and follow roles in various styles of tango and teaches with an emphasis on quality movement, connection with the music and awareness of social etiquette.  She has taught classes and workshops in tours and Tango Festivals around Australia and is also an accomplished Tango DJ.

She established “Tango Butterfly” in Melbourne in 2011, a dance studio dedicated to contemporary social Argentine Tango. She ran the original la Milonga de las Mariposas in Glen Iris.

“Understanding the nature of movement, balance and energy is crucial for improvisational freedom.  Good technique is key.  Tango does not exist without connection with the music, with your partner, and with yourself.”

Formal training in movement and dance includes: modern & contemporary dance, jazz, funk, ballet, calisthenics, gymnastics, tae-kwondo, bellydance, yoga, tai chi, salsa & street latin, and tap. She has trained as a Pilates instructor under the Polestar method and a Secret Elements trained Qi Gong Instructor. In her earlier years, Dana also toured in several international dancing tours with the Australian Drill & Dance Team.

Dana is also an accomplished intuitive coach, certified Reiki Energy Sound Healer, a Lomi Lomi massage practitioner, a qualified English as a Second language teacher and corporate trainer.

She moved to the Northern Rivers area in NSW, Australia in 2021.

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