Learn Tango

Let us introduce you to a growing social tango scene in the Northern Rivers!

Absolute Beginners are welcome to drop-in to a practica (your first visit is a free come-and-try-tango) or you can just sign-up to your first Tango FUN I Workshop – click here to learn more about that!

Tango is a true heart felt connection that weaves into the co-creation of a dance. It evolves in practice until it becomes a true Tango Butterfly 🦋

💃🏻 Not the ballroom style, with staid and stylised postures, but an organic connected style that fills social dance spaces in Europe, Asia and the Americas so robustly, youthfully and creatively today.

Think hugging, holding, embracing your body, showing up to the movement that arrives, improvising, connecting through energy, and creating the dance in collaboration with those around you.

Experimental play with boundaries to create based upon fundamental structures in movement (safety) that allows for the element of flow, personality and heartfelt expression in improvised movement with connection.

A fundamental tango is simple and natural for the body. The understanding of a shared lexicon, of body language, opens up the potential for greater exploration and play.  Which is why we do workshops and classes.

  • No partner is necessary, simply come and join in
  • No routines to learn, simply movement to embody
  • Improvisation is encouraged, a great Tango is INSPIRED.

All Tango Butterfly workshops and classes provide new students with:

  • friendly, experienced facilitation in a fun and supported learning environment
  • tailored classes designed to get you dancing expertly, sooner
  • tips and guidance that has been tried and tested on social dance floors around the world …
  • couple, group & low-income discounts available

Based upon walking, Argentine Tango is suitable for all: “If you can walk, you can Tango”

Its ability to be explored is limited only by your inspiration, desire to connect and creativity!  Please visit the “social tango classes” page for more info …

Tango Butterfly offers Beginner to Advanced level classes and is considered an established Tango school in Australia.

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