Social Tango Classes

IMPORTANT: ALL classes & workshops must be booked ONLINE before the class.
Exception – Tango PRACTICA is a drop-in AND absolute beginners can come for the first practica (with zero experience) for a FREE try.

Tango Workshops in the FUNdamentals

As Tango Butterfly is still reasonably new in the Northern Rivers, we wanted to get the community up and active smoothly and securely with half-day Tango Workshops in the FUNdamentals of Social Tango.

Called Tango FUN – the idea is to start with I, and progress then through to II, III, IV and V

All of these cater to those desiring to learn the CORE language of Tango.

In my experience, those that take the time to respect and focus on the CORE fundamentals of social Tango, can easily stylise and personalise their Tango while still ensuring connection JOY with anyone of any level or Tango style.

Tango FUN I covers the absolute FUNdamentals of Social Tango:
walk, embrace, posture, connection, direction changes and ochos, plus play.

You will be able to dance Tango socially and attend practicas after attending this workshop.

Once the FUNdamentals are understood, the dance can be creatively deepened in its practice. It can be shared with family, friends, lovers, sisters, brothers AND even strangers.

Join us in this NEXT workshop and connect in with our growing Northern Rivers Tango family =>

[Tango FUN I]: the fundamentals of Tango I (3hrs) TBA

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For more Tango FUN [II, III, IV & V] and weekly improver class/practica please see below /// 

Tango FUN Series II, III, IV & V

This series obviously starts with Tango FUN I which is the beginning.

Tango FUN I covers: walk, embrace, posture, connection, direction changes and ochos, plus play.

Tango FUN II continues this dialogue, with a small amount of overlap with I.  It covers: circular movements (giros), ocho transitions, more embrace dynamics, cross + variations & floor craft. 

Join us in the NEXT workshop and connect in with our growing Northern Rivers Tango family =>

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(please Contact ME to discuss options)

Tango FUN III brings participants into dancing in Close Embrace.  This is where the real sweetness lies, yet it can also offer some challenges, as we begin to experiment with how we might fit together with others of differing heights, shapes and sizes … It covers: close embrace, FUNdamental Tango musicality, more on social codes, & deepening FUN I/II variations

[Tango FUN III]: CLOSE Embrace Tango FUN (3hrs)

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Tango FUN IV & V is the beginning of our musicality series.  And along with differing music attributes comes more aligned movement rhythms and rhymes.  They cover …

IV: MORE Close embrace, FUNdamental Vals musicality, & more circular variations, some review of FUN I/II/III

V: MORE close embrace, FUNdamental Milonga musicality, & more in-line variations, some review of FUN I/II/III

Wednesdays in Mur'bah JUNE 2022 BannerTango Improvers classes & practica
~ Wednesdays, 7-9:30PM
NEXT: 10 August, 24 August, 7 Sept, 14 Sept

These classes are NOT for the absolute beginner.  Some Social Tango experience will be required for the class at 7PM. Beginners are welcome, however, to join us at the practica afterwards from 8PM.

It is for dancers of any level to participate in a class with an emphasis on social tango skills, techniques and (most importantly) creative play!

We may work with fundamental structures, such as ochos, cross & giros, both in and out of a close embrace, and deepen these techniques to create other things … like sacada, gancho, parada, enganchadas, combos etc …

Attendance at this class includes the practica afterwards (8PM onwards).  So you can hang, chill, chat, have some snacks and experiment with your Tango here.

Bookings for the class is required, but you can just show up to practica.


To ask questions about the class or practica, please click here.

Tango for the Experienced

jyp-tango butterfly-2573Dana is experienced in the field of social Argentine Tango and loves to share her skills.
The techniques and tricks you can learn for successful and proficient social Tango are endless and a working knowledge of them can significantly improve your Tango experience.

The Tango FUN series will always offer you stimulation, new information and guidance.

If you’d like to join in some integrated Tango workshops for the more experienced, please make contact so Dana can add you to the list of those interested => CONTACT ME