Tango Butterfly Therapy

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What is Tango Butterfly Therapy?
Movement and meditation therapy by Tango Butterfly.

“Qi” (known as chi / ka) is energy that is found in the body. It is the energetic body where many illness and diseases reside. It is the energetic body that, if out of balance for long periods, can leave us suffering and contribute to low energy levels.

If nurtured, however, the energetic body (or Qi body), can keep us resilient and motivated during times of stress. It can also lead to a quick turn around and resumption of wellness after illness strikes.

Why Tango and Qi?

Numerous university studies have demonstrated Tango’s ability to aid wellness, emotional stability and motivation for suffers of depression, anxiety, and general low focus. It has shown that brain waves have the capacity to harmonise between participants during the dance. Tango is also incredibly effective in assisting Parkinson sufferers to manage tremors and general wellbeing. And this is just the tip of the Tango stiletto!

In our experience, Tango movement with a designated intention has the capacity to:
– Activate your body’s natural corrective mechanisms and healing response through activated movement designed for two.
– Energise and realign your body through movement
– Focus your mind through movement meditation
– Chill out, de-stress, enjoy music and interact with others in a safe environment.

Tango offers a call and response style of movement that requires the mind to let go and act in the moment. If you like the idea of meditation but have difficulty sitting still long enough for any benefit, then our Tango therapy is most definitely for YOU! Faithful meditators really excel at this kind of movement realignment re-patterning.

We currently offer 3 types of Movement Therapy by private appointment:

  • Evolve-Qi by the Butterfly Technique (incl. packages for individual or couples via Skype coaching)
  • Tantra Tango by Tango Butterfly (couples therapy – also available via Skype coaching)
  • Meditation in Movement (private class – in person or via Skype)

Enquire: via our contact form below (preferred) or SMS +61 (0)403 192 867

Contact us to register your interest. Or subscribe to our Tango Butterfly mailing list here http://eepurl.com/SZ-kH

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