Learn Tango

Based upon walking, Argentine Tango is suitable for all:

“If you can walk, you can Tango”

Not just a dance, a style of music or even a culture. But an all encompassing sensation that binds you from the moment you take your first Tango walk.

  • No partner is necessary
  • No routines to learn
  • Improvisation is encouraged

Let us introduce you to Melbourne’s robust social tango scene! Learn to dance tango with us and we provide new students the following:

  • friendly, experienced teachers in a fun, well supported learning environment
  • packages designed to get you dancing expertly sooner
  • couples and group discounts available

Tango Butterfly offers Beginner to Advanced level classes and is one of the foremost Tango schools in Australia.

The 10 biggest mistakes in social dancing by Tango Butterfly 2012

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