Evolve-Qi by The Butterfly Technique


Join us in this revolutionary new class by the Butterfly Technique.


A combination of sensory awareness, body balance, movement flow and connection practices that work to align an energetic conversation within your body/mind/spirit. “Evolve” your Qi – connect in with your inner world and allow for an improved connection with others in the outer world. Develop more energy, focus, stability and confidence in real time.

This class offers a full sensory way to engage with and develop your energy. It is a moderate impact activity that activates your innate body intelligence and ancestral DNA through movement.

Evolve-QI allows you to understand energy. How you express it in every day life and how you might be projecting it to others. It will show you how to listen as others express their energy, and allow you to hear what they are really saying.

In Evolve-Qi we enter into an energetic conversation with another person – using senses through touch and innate sensory organs to express yourself and be heard. Energy etiquette and permission based expression is fundamental to Evolve-Qi.

In a safe shared space you will experience genuine co-creation through movement, an energy exchange that supports & uplifts you via an embodied connection. This is a language your body craves and you intuitively understand.

Tango Butterfly - JYP-23

It is for everybody. The movement proficient to the absolute uncoordinated. If any of your time is spent sitting down, being still – and especially if you spend long hours at a computer – then this technique is for you! Of course an open mind and willingness to step out of your comfort zone is important to fully experience Evolve-Qi.

It doesn’t matter your background, your income level, or your health situation. Whether you’re fully in the grips of an autoimmune disease, adrenal fatigue, anxiety/depression or simply looking to understand the nature of our energetic body – this technique will easily make a difference to your daily energy levels.

Your facilitator, Dana Parker, is experienced in movement and energy work, and especially with managing group dynamics.TBT Logo Final Colour

For more info visit: www.thebutterflytechnique.com