Considering Buying Yourself a Pair of Tango Shoes? You must read this.

So, you’ve tried Tango. Maybe you’re a regular dancer, or perhaps you’re just standing on the precipice of just starting. Where ever you are, it’s likely that you’re already considering buying a pair of Tango shoes.DP bio St Kilda Feb 2013

The question I get asked most often is, is buying a real pair of authentic Tango shoes worth it?

To answer you, let me take you back a little over a decade ago, to when I bought my first pair.

When I was learning in Canberra, Australia, authentic Tango shoes were rare to find in Australia. Most of us had to suffice with hard soled character shoes, or soft suede soled ballroom shoes. At the time, it felt pretty amazing to wear special dance shoes for Tango. Yet it wasn’t long before I caught myself drooling over the ladies in the Tango scene who wore those hot looking authentic Tango shoes.

It wasn’t long before I found myself googling Tango shoes, almost with fever. Crazy, but it wasn’t long before the fever turned into a compulsion, an addiction. Still longing for my first pair, I was also still questioning whether it was worth it.

Naturally, the first pair of shoes I dared to by online were a boring black pair. But I tell you, the moment they arrived I was in heaven.

The ecstasy of them arriving in the mail was nothing compared the the ecstasy of dancing in them. You wouldn’t believe that a pair of shoes would improve your dance so much, but these ones did! Tango shoes are especially balanced to suit Tango, and this you will only find out when you finally get your first pair.

jyp-tango butterfly-2556.jpgOf course, 10 plus years on, I now own a lot more Tango shoes. Every one bought with a similar ecstasy matched, in most cases, with the reality of dancing in them. Of course, some of them are more pretty than functional, and some barely last 3 months before they wear beyond danceability.

The thing is, after all these years, it wasn’t until I purchased my first pair of Turquoise Tango shoes when the real love affair with Tango shoes began. The feeling of slipping my dear little dancing toes into these babies, was unreal. They are literally cushions for your feet! And since that day, I find dancing in other Tango shoes almost unbearably uncomfortable. Crazy?

Well, I guess you will only find out when you get a pair, huh. Trust me, whether you pay full price, overseas price, or they come at a price you jump at, they are always worth the buy. gold y turquoise shoes

Will they improve your dancing? Maybe. But I can tell you. When I feel pretty for wearing a gorgeous pair of Tango shoes, that also could double as comfy work shoes, you really don’t care. You feel glamorous while in your pyjamas! And that counts for a hell of a lot.

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