Tantra Tango

“Tantra Tango” is a physical development class using tantric and Taoist principles to build energy awareness, management and enhancement in the body.

A great ‘couples therapy’ – blending breathwork, intentional movement, kundalini activation, and tango – for couples wishing to awaken heightened energetics between two people. It will show you new sensory ways to hold, move and exist with each other in a physical space.

The main focus is on improving and enhancing communication in a physical way through movement practice.

It includes tactile exercises for those seeking increased awareness and physical sensitivity. An application of intentional energy allows us to discover mutual gratification, rather than simply sole gratification of the individual.

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Photo by Jacinta Young Photography

Tantra Tango is a physical conversation, where we created a feedback loop to encourage conversations that are co-created rather than just a monologue.  Each person chooses how much to contribute, how much to listen, and how much to hold space for the other.

It will also enhance improvisation skills.

Note – this is not a sex class. Principles will be shown via a Tango embrace and concepts will manifest via respectful physical and non-sexual methods.  Some rules will be applied to create a safe exploration space.
Real intimacy does not have to be sexual. How you take these methods into your private lives will be a matter for you. Couples of any composition or gender are welcome. Even friends are welcome to share an intimate physical space with each other in this class.
jyp-tango butterfly-2-2.jpg
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